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2016 Season Stats

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Last Race Fonda - 20th

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  • 5/14/16 - Five Mile Point Speedway
  • 5/20/16 - Penn Can Speedway
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Fonda Speedway Results 4/23/16 - Purdy Finishes 20th.

Snowflake Photo

//Bill McGaffin Photo//

Fonda Speedway CRSA Feature 4/23/16: Kyle Smith, Cory Sparks, Scott Goodrich, Kory Gurney, Mike Kiser, Dan Hennessy, JR Hurlburt, Tyler Jashembowski, Brett Jaycox, Thomas Radivoy, Christian Rumsey, Billy Jaycox, Dana Wagner, Emily VanInwegen, Dalton Herrick, Sydney Prince, Eddie Strada, Josh Pieniazek, Josh Flint, Dustin Purdy (20th - Got wrecked under caution.), Art Kiser, Warren Alexson. DNS Danielle Snowflake Dickinson.

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Dustin Purdy

Dustin Purdy Official Site

Dustin is a second generation driver who started his career in the slingshot division, progressed to the mighty dirt modifieds, and is now slated as a sprint car driver in the CRSA division. Look for Dustin in victory lane as he is a strong contender each week!



In-Car Videos From Fonda Speedway - 4/23/16

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Go Fast Turn Left Club

Go Fast Turn Left Club

The Go Fast Turn Left Club was created to help engage and involve the race fan. Our in-car racing videos bring the fan trackside and give them an up close and personal look at sprint car racing. Find out more by clicking the link below.


Mike Emhof Acquires CRSA Sprint Car Tour - 1/18/16

CRSA Sprints
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Go Fast Turn Left Club

Go Fast Turn Left Club

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